18 January 2011

2PM's Samsung Anycall CF Phone Music Video / Ad: Nori For You

Being one of the group of star endorsers for Korea's Samsung company, 2PM did another ad for the tech giant, this time for the line of Anycall phones (you may recall my previous post on the Samsung Corby ad featuring Nichkhun). The song used for this music video, named "Nori For You", isn't as exciting as Corby's "My Color". However, the music video's storyline has more substance in this case. Here are a few screencaps of the MV.

The clip starts with 2PM walking onto a stage in front of a huge arena of concert watchers, indicating that they're at the height of their careers.

The scene flashbacks to them getting ready for the concert backstage. Here we see how their Samsung Anycall phones interrelate to their activities and their lives. Chansung looks to be so consumed with a Frogger-like game on his pink phone, and showed total frustration when he lost.

Chansung clearly doesn't like to lose
For Nichkhun, his black Anycall reminded him of how he almost couldn't make it to the band's try-out and lose confidence. The phone gave him a glimpse of the possibilities (seriously, if that phone can show the future, I'll willingly sell my soul to get one!), and he went on to audition and succeeded.
Nichkhun amazed when he realized that the phone can tell the future
For Wooyoung and Junho, the significance of their phones (particularly of Wooyoung's sky blue Anycall) was their initial rivalry when they just got started with the band.
Wooyoung notices the starving look on Junho's face
Over lunch, the camaraderie between the members have rubbed on the two. After a phone dice shake-up, Wooyoung, who won the last helping of the dumplings, gave it to Junho instead. They became best pals ever since (this is fiction, in case you're wondering; there never has been any bad blood between Wooyoung and Junho -- this is just for show).
Junho happily accepts Wooyoung's offering
Taecyeon utilized his bright orange phone to keep track of his work-out so that he's always in tip-top shape. Time to show off those ripped abs!
Taecyeon doing some vanity check -- yes, son, you look great
Last, but not least, is Junsu, who uses his phone not only to listen to his favourite music, but also to keep up with the latest news, and especially on 2PM's achievements on the music charts.
Junsu (middle) showing the news to the gang
Overall, a meaningful music video. A touch of the wonderful comedian Jung Joo Ri makes this ad much more entertaining. If you haven't seen this MV yet, check out the YouTube video below. Scroll lower if you want to download this into your computer (file is huge, 32MB).


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